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About Irefood
Irefood established year 2002 as one division of IREF s.r.l. for metal fitting company, to organize Italian food staff and wines. I am the division chef P.H.Kataoka.
A trade-mark meaning tradition, continuity, experience, renewal.
I.R.E.F. was established in 1956 as a cooperative among more factories of hardware articles with the main purpose of exporting their products. In 1963 it became a commercial Company for extendign its services of representation and of trading to many other Italian enterprises for a more and more large number of customers.
Through more than 40 years of activity, during which our organisation has exported towards the 5 Continents, various have been the developments and the changements depending on the evolution of technologies, the world-wide events, the exigencies of different markets and always I.R.E.F. cope with it. We opened new division to keep our opportunity for different type of the field which is "Food & Wine" After this day we will demonstrate our speedy and credible information for you. Please dont loose our specialized information.
With our kindest regards.